01 March 2021

Aesop | Ptolemy Aromatique

by Alicia Cheung Lichtenstein
Image by Sothear Noun

Cedar • Cypress • Vetiver

With notes of cedar, cypress, and vetiver, Aesop’s Ptolemy Aromatique was created to envelop the senses in a lush landscape, reminiscent of dense, old-growth Japanese forests with a blanket of stars burning overhead. Emitting an earthy, resinous scent, its rich blend evokes a light smokiness that absolutely takes the senses on a journey. The Aromatique candle line was developed in collaboration with French perfumer, Barnabé Fillion, who often works alongside Aesop and helped develop their Marrakech Intense, Hwyl and Rōzu fragrances. Building off the notion that the flickering flame of these candles are like the stars that map the  night sky, with powers to explain our characters and serving as a reminder of the vastness of the cosmos, each candle in this collection takes its name from ancient astronomy and associated mythologies. They’re meant to offer a sense of illumination, perspective, and solace, providing refuge from everyday stressors.  The stargazer of note here is Greek-Egyptian astronomer, Ptolemy, whose work informed much medieval astronomy.

Image by Sothear Noun

A sophisticated, gender-neutral fragrance with a solid scent throw and saturation that’s layered and lingering, this candle is ideal for shared spaces. Nestled in Aesop’s signature minimalist packaging, the container is unassuming, yet sophisticated with a reusable alabaster ceramic vessel. On the inner lip is a quote: “No age is too early or too late for the health of the soul;” because we can all benefit from a bit of poetry. As one of our favorite candles that we’ve tried in a while, Ptolemy instantly transports us to a flourishing, green sanctuary where a gentle breeze flows through towering trees, and shafts of light glimmer through the canopy of leaves, exuding an instant sense of tranquility. It’s lovely candle, really for any season, though is perfect for a drizzly March day.

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