01 February 2021

Heretic x Goop | This smells like my vagina

by Alicia Cheung Lichtenstein

Geranium • Bergamot • Cedar • Damask Rose

Mysterious and erotic, fresh and complex, the Goop x Heretic This Smells Like My Vagina candle is every bit as sultry as one would think, though also smells quite a bit better than you might imagine. Described as a “bundle of roses wrapped in suede,” the fragrance deliciously expends notes of geranium, bergamot, and cedar, paired with damask rose and ambrette seed. 

Image by Sothear Noun

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Heretic strives to “show the sexier side of naturals, the dirty side of clean” with intriguing scents and names that are equally as thought-provoking. Fusing conventional perfumery with the therapeutic properties of natural extracts, their fragrances are meant to be functional. Exploring holistic aspects of plant essences, the brand harnesses aromatherapy to serve a purpose.

The concept for This Smells Like My Vagina was to create a body-positive concept, and de-stigmatize and celebrate the vagina.

In defiance against the beauty industry, the brand truly came to life when founder and perfumer Douglas Little was asked to speak on a panel on emerging trends. In a debate during the discussion, he was told “natural perfumery is nothing more than the work of housewives and heretics.” It was then that he trademarked the name “Heretic.”

Image by Sothear Noun

All Heretic candles are made with 100% naturally-derived ingredients, free from synthetics, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free. The plant-based perfumes are blended in non-GMO organic sugarcane alcohol rather than the industry-standard denatured alcohol, and each scent is handcrafted with botanical ingredients like essential oils, concretes and absolutes. Blended in a soy wax base with a lead-free 100% organic cotton wick, Heretic recommends trimming the wick to ⅛ inch before use; as well as allowing the wax pool to completely liquify, extinguish, and cool so the  candle to can burn evenly and completely. 

With an unexpected,  light floral scent, it’s perfect to warm up a space on a gloomy February day, or bring up the heat for special occasions—say V-Day (pun intended). Plus, it comes in beautiful, floral packaging, making for an ideal gift.

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