29 April 2021

Overose | Nudesse

by Alicia Cheung Lichtenstein

Our Two Scents

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh roses? With a soft, feminine, and subtly sweet aroma evocative of thick, velvety petals, it’s a favorite amongst many; just not either of us. However, it is a very decadent scent with warm undertones that we definitely appreciate. If you like rose, you’ll absolutely love this candle. Luxe French perfume house Overose’s Nudesse hones in on the sweetness of rose petals in its most robust form—when blossoming is at its peak, embodying a fresh, dewy rose garden after the rain.

What Goes In it

Composed entirely of essential oils and an aromatic botanical wax, the throw is impressively strong, so much that we blew it out after an hour. Design-wise, the playful packaging in its wavy form was the draw for us; and we love that the wax and vessel are the same fun hue; and that name? C’mon. Honestly, it was the visual representation that ultimately sold us, but the candle itself is a wonderfully delicious candle for spring. Plus, it’s cruelty free, vegan and free of phthalates.

Image by Sothear Noun

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Burn time
60 hrs
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