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It may be Spring, but it’s still pretty chilly in San Francisco! Lately, we’ve been burning Tatine’s Norwegian Wood, a candle that’s meant to have a warm, hearty scent. It’s from their Garden + Forest Infusions line, which comes in a very cool wood grain embossed box. The Norwegian Wood scent is no longer available online, but they have a scent called Woodsmoke, which has the same woody notes.

Founded in 2001, self-taught candle maker Margo Breznik first started experimenting with candle making in her apartment in Chicago. After years of honing her craft, she took a leap of faith, quit her day job, and opened a brick-and-mortar store to showcase her candles. She eventually transitioned into wholesale, landing a large account with Anthropologie (where she created approximately 50,000 candles by herself!), and has continued to build products and collaborations with other brands.

The Norwegian Wood candle wax has a very natural, earthy scent. With hints of moss and twigs, it reminds us of a long hike in the woods after a heavy rain. It’s poured in a heavyweight, green glass vessel, made of 40% recycled materials. Upon lighting the candle, we found it to have very little stickiness, and the scent did not carry very well. After burning for nearly 4 hours, the scent was still so light, we could barely tell that it was burning in our office. We think this candle would be better suited in a smaller, more confined space (like a powder room), as it’s no match for our large, open office!

Although this candle may not have the strongest fragrance, it has a very clean burn. Only a small amount of residue was left behind on the vessel, and the wax dried very evenly, with no bubbles or divots. The vessel itself is very aesthetically pleasing, and would make for a great decorative candle in a smaller room, office, or bathroom.

You can purchase your own Woodsmoke candle here. Dimensions: 2-½” Dia. x 3-¾”H, 8 oz.



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With the Winter Olympics still fresh in our minds, we decided to review this candle next:

While exploring Seoul, South Korea, our junior designer and her husband found themselves wandering through Bukchon Village, a Hanok village located just outside the gates of Gyeongbokgung Palace. Lining its steep, meandering streets is a mixture of private residences, coffee shops, museums, and a store by the name of Granhand, which features hand-poured candles, essential oils, diffusers, and perfumes. Lucky for us, they brought back a candle for the studio!

Granhand opened in 2014, and is co-owned by Jung Nana (her brother is the other owner), a perfumer who earned her degree at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. Together, they made it their mission to create an artisanal fragrance store, which focuses on human warmth and a departure from machine automation. Thus, their flagship store is located in a hanok house, where they have utilized traditional, handmade approaches to creating their scents. In 2016, they opened the Granhand Lab (located behind their flagship store), which offers scent-making classes, consulting, collaborations, and a professional perfume academy. Fun fact: less than a year after launching their brand, Chanel chose to gift Granhand products to its VIP guests at its Cruise Collection show in Seoul!

The candle we’ve been burning is called Marine Orchid, one of Granhand’s top selling scents. It’s a very light, floral scent, perfect for the transition from winter to spring. Meant to evoke memories of swimming in the ocean, it reminds us of a salty sea breeze on a warm spring afternoon. With top notes of mandarin, pear, and lemon, middle notes of rose, lily of the valley, and orchid, and base notes of musk, toffee, and patchouli, it has a very well-balanced profile, and doesn’t skew too feminine or masculine. Made of soy wax, the candle burned down fairly cleanly, only leaving small amounts of residue on the vessel. At our mid-burn point, the only imperfections in the wax seemed to be very small bubbles that dried in the wax’s top layer.

The vessel is a glass mason jar with a screw-on metal cap (making it easy to carry on a plane!), and the brand label contains a piece of open-weave burlap, with a tightly woven burlap glued on top. The tight-weave burlap is printed with the candle’s scent, the store’s address/telephone number/website, and a special section for personalization, where the associates will hand-stamp your name.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to purchase this candle unless you find yourself in Bukchon Village. They do ship internationally via direct message on Instagram, though we haven’t tried it. If you’re planning a trip to Seoul, we recommend taking a stroll through Bukchon Village and making a stop at Granhand. You won’t regret it!

Dimensions: 3-5/8”H x 2-5/8” Dia., 6.8 oz.



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This week’s review features a candle called Moroccan Tuberose, manufactured by Illuminum, a fragrance company based in London. This unique candle comes in a cube-shaped vessel and is made of black wax - something we don’t see very often. Unfortunately, since the purchase of this candle, we believe it has been phased out of production, so it’s quite difficult to find these days. But don’t fret - the company manufactures some divine fragrances, so if you like this candle review, we recommend you visit Barneys New York and check out their line.

Illuminum was founded by Michael Boadi, a famous British hair stylist-turned-perfumer. As a hairstylist, he worked with many high-end fashion brands and has been featured in magazines like Vogue and W. He launched Illuminum in 2011, where he began making perfumes and candles; however, he now focuses solely on creating perfumes. According to Boadi, Illuminum scents are “for those days when you are in the mood for something exquisitely simple and stylish,” which explains why Kate Middleton chose to wear an Illuminum perfume to her royal wedding!

The scent profile is incredibly rich and layered. It has floral top and middle notes, with mixtures of Turkish Rose, Moroccan Tuberose, and a little Ylang Ylang. On the base, it’s earthy and warm, with notes of Cedar wood. It’s a feminine scent, and though you may equate the heavy rose aroma with your grandma’s perfume, this one is modern and youthful. If Illuminum’s perfumes are as deep and complex as this aromatic candle, you’re bound to find your perfect scent.

While we can appreciate the unique vessel shape, we have learned that, no matter the shape of the candle’s vessel, it’ll always burn down in a circular pattern. As the candle burned down, we were left with a round tunnel in a square vessel, which caused the wax to crack and pull away from the edges. Needless to say, it’s not the prettiest looking candle, but it sure does smell good!

If you’re interested in experiencing some of Illuminum’s other scents, you can check out their website. Dimensions: 3”W square x 3”H.


Wick Trimming.jpg

We’re candle fanatics, so it should come as no surprise that we take candle-care very seriously! Today, we’re giving you some tips and tricks to help you extend the life of your favorite candles.

  1. The first burn is always the most important! When you burn your candle for the first time, you must make sure that you burn the candle long enough so that the wax melts across the entire surface of the candle. If you fail to do this, you’ll end up with tunneling, (which not only looks ugly, but greatly reduces your candle’s lifespan). Candle wax has memory, so make sure you let the wax completely pool every time you burn your candle.

  2. Oh no, my candle is tunneling! If your candle happens to tunnel, the best thing to do is to wrap your lit candle in foil, almost covering the entire top, but leaving a small hole to let oxygen in & allow smoke to escape. The foil helps the candle retain its heat, which melts that stubborn perimeter wax! Let the candle burn like this for a couple of hours, and voila, you’ll have a tunnel-free candle. Check out this handy video tutorial for more info.

  3. Trim that wick! Make sure you trim your wick to approximately ⅛” before lighting. This will reduce the amount of soot that is produced as the candle burns. It’s also recommended that you burn your candle for no longer than 4 hours at a time. If you need to burn for a longer period of time, extinguish the flame after 4 hours, trim your wick back down to ⅛”, and then relight your candle.

  4. Properly pack that scent-packing candle! Wax and oils can be sensitive to temperature and light, so when you’re not using your candle, it’s best to store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. We like to keep ours in their original packages, which protects the candles from fading, discoloration, and dust collection.

  5. Say it ain’t so! Yes, you will eventually have to throw your candle away. We use the ½” rule - once the wax burns down to about ½”, it’s time to get a new candle. With such little wax left in your vessel, the bottom of your vessel can get hot as the flame nears the base, and you run the risk of burning whatever surface your candle is on.

  6. But… this candle vessel rocks! If you like your candle vessel and want to use it as a vase or objet d’art, the easiest way to remove the remaining wax is to stick the whole thing in the freezer. This will cause the edges of the wax to separate from the sides of the vessel, making it easy to pop the frozen wax out.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you should be burning that candle for hours to come.



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Punxsatawney Phil has declared 6 more weeks of winter, but at our studio, we’re ready to usher in the spring! This week, we’re burning a lovely springtime scent called “Hippie Hollow” by Wary Meyers.

Wary Meyers was created by husband-and-wife team, Linda & John Meyers, who got their start by designing interiors for friends in Brooklyn. They eventually relocated to Maine, where they continued to design interiors, but also felt the need to make a tangible product. Thus began the Wary Meyers line of soaps, candles, and prints. All of their soaps and candles are hand-poured in their home - more specifically, in an attached former beauty salon built by the previous homeowner!

The 100% recycled paper box is fairly unassuming, featuring the (groovy, 1970’s-esque) Wary Meyers logo and a gold foil sunset. The clear recycled glass vessel, which is also adorned with the same gold foil sunset, is fairly thick and heavy. The candle itself has a light, refreshing, and earthy scent. With hints of grasses, lemon, and herbs, it reminds us of a sunny spring afternoon at Golden Gate Park. One of its highlighted ingredients is vetiver, an essential oil that is known to calm the mind and ground the spirit. So, light up this candle in stressful times at work, and you should be feeling more balanced in no time!

As the candle burned down, it left very little residue on the sides of the vessel. Similar to the Ylang Ylang candle, some soot accumulated on the inside rim, but because the vessel is made of glass, it can be easily wiped clean. Something to note, however, is that there are several bubbles between the wax and the inside of the glass, which we’ve read can happen when hot wax is poured into a cool glass vessel. Overall, we like this candle a lot - it’s great for everyday use!

You can purchase your own 6.7 oz. candle for $28.50 here. Dimensions: 2-7/8”W x 4”H.



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This week, we are reviewing Greenhouse, which is hand poured by a candle company called H O U S E by Billy Del Puerto. We chanced upon Billy and his collection of several candle lines at West Coast Craft in San Francisco. When we met him, his passion for creating unique scents was apparent - he likes to experiment with different scent combinations, changes up the packaging, and even makes a unique line of candles with a gold flake detail.

Billy started his company after attending FIDM in Downtown Los Angeles, where he studied Visual Communications. He believes that “scent is an invisible layer of design”, and we couldn’t agree with him more! Each scent is meant to transport its user to a different place, or stir up an old memory - a walk through the stacks of an old library or an evening spent sipping whisky with friends.

Greenhouse is a candle that captures the essence of gardening on a crisp summer day (if we were to ever garden). The aptly named Tomato Leaf & Jalapeño has a clean, earthy aroma. The scent profile has a wonderful balance of sweet & fresh on the top, with a hint of savory and tangy at its base. In a written interview with Billy, he explains where the inspiration for this candle came from - the smell of fresh earth from his grandparents’ backyard, where they grew a lemon tree, fig tree, persimmon tree, and numerous vegetables.

Of all his candle lines and various packaging, we were drawn to this candle. It comes in a clean, white box that opens and closes via an origami-esque folding top. Inside is a frosted glass vessel featuring a modern label. After burning a quarter of the way down, we noticed that soot was gathering on the top of the wax, and the wax was bubbling as it melted. However, after another couple of burns, the wax looked cleaner and had fewer bubbles. Now that we are nearly at the bottom of the candle, we’ve noticed there is some separation of color between white and the ivory components of the wax.  For the most part, the candle left very little residue on the sides of the vessel.

Click here to purchase your own Greenhouse candle. Dimensions: 3-⅛” W x 3-⅛”H. 


FRAGONARD - Hero Image

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The candle lighting up our week is one with a lovely heavy floral scent - Ylang, Ylang, by Fragonard Parfumeur. Manufactured in Grasse, France, it is part of their “candle with pouch” line, and comes in a beautiful white porcelain vessel, which is then placed in an embroidered blue and white fabric pouch, ready for gifting. Our “candle with pouch” also came in a cute paper Fragonard bag, adorned with a toile-like pattern featuring illustrations of candles, matches, and women’s fashion items.

Parfumerie Fragonard was opened in 1926, by an entrepreneur, Eugène Fuchs, and named after Grasse-born painter, Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Fuchs chose to name his company after Fragonard in honor of the city of Grasse and the refinement of 18th-century arts. The company was eventually passed down to Fuchs’ son-in-law, Jean-François Costa, who was responsible for expanding and modernizing the company. Today, Jean-François Costa’s daughters, Agnès and François are at the helm - it truly is a family affair!

The candle itself has a very complex combination of scents. On the top, it’s light and floral, with hints of ylang ylang, bergamot, and vanilla. On the base, it’s thick and warm, smelling of gardenia and musk. Its multi-layered profile gives it a mixture of both masculine and feminine scents, making it a candle that’s easy to burn for long periods of time. Traditionally, the ylang ylang fragrance is used to sharpen the senses, balance hormones, and alleviate fatigue and depression. So, light your Ylang Ylang candle, draw yourself a bubble bath, and relax!

The first burn was clean, as were subsequent burns. No tunneling occurred, and very little wax residue was left behind on the sides of the vessel. We did notice, however, that some soot accumulated around the top of the vessel, which is to be expected (tip: you can minimize soot by trimming the wick to about ⅛”).

You can purchase your own 7 oz. Ylang Ylang candle for $42 here. Dimensions: 3-⅛” W x 3-⅛”H. Or, if you find yourself in Grasse, France, you can stop by the Fragonard factory and take a tour!


BASIK - Hero Image

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The latest candle in our lineup is called No. 5 Mediterranean Fig Tree, made by Basik Candle Co., a relatively new candle company based right here in San Francisco. We met the founder at Indie Craft Fair over the summer, and he told us he had been working on the company for about a year before officially launching in March 2017. The opening collection includes 5 “classic” scents, with a recent introduction of 2 special holiday scents.

Basik’s booth at Indie Craft was clean, simple, and showcased the candles well. Likewise, the candle packaging is simple and clean, in a refreshing, “basik” way. Its simple black box with white type is classic with a little edge. It features a sticker that not only names the scent, but also does double duty in sealing the box and ensuring your candle has not been messed with. The company’s manifesto is printed on the back, highlighting the use of clean burning coconut wax, and a “less is more” approach. The candle itself is in a thin, matte black vessel, and weighs in at 6 oz. Our favorite little touch is the mango wood lid, which warms up the black & white packaging with its beautiful, rich color. We suspect it might also come into good use as a coaster as the candle burns low, as the glass vessel is quite thin on the bottom and you may need to protect your furniture from the heat!

The first burn went well, with the wax burning evenly and cleanly. Subsequent burns continued to burn cleanly, and the wick remained centered. The scent is very pleasant; it’s a little bit sweet with notes of citrus (grapefruit, orange, and lemon), but grounded in a warm undertone of sandalwood and patchouli. The scent throw is OK, making it a great backdrop scent - not too opinionated but still warm and not too sweet. The “stickiness” factor also leaves a little to be desired. At the office, we only really noticed the candle when we left the room and came back in. And, although the name “Mediterranean Fig Tree” is descriptive and cool, there is no actual “fig” in this candle, or at least none is described on their website. But hey, we get it, almost every candle line has a fig candle, so why not join the club?

Overall, this candle has a very cool look and a nice scent. The matte black vessel with mango wood lid is great and would look nice on any console or side table. At $26 for the 6 oz. vessel or $38 for the 13 oz vessel (with 2 wicks), this is an affordable luxury candle.

You can purchase your own candle here. Dimensions: 2.75"W x 3.25"H, 6 oz.


AYDRY & CO. - Hero Image

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This week we are reviewing a candle by Southern California company AYDRY & Co. We met AYU Carlton, founder and creative director of AYDRY & Co., at San Francisco’s Renegade Craft Fair. We were immediately drawn to the clean look and modern feel of the brand, particularly its unique hexagonal shaped packaging. Inside, the thin black glassy vessel is a stark contrast to its clean, white box. Another one of the candle’s differentiating features is its wooden wick, which results in a crackling sound as the candle burns. We happened to be at the craft fair on a warm, Sunday morning, and found it only fitting that we purchase a candle called Champagne Brunch.

Aydry & Co. was founded in 2016 and, though young, has already gained a following with stockists like Anthropologie, Rejuvenation, and Pottery Barn. All of the candles are hand poured in Southern California by AYU and her small team. The line’s scents are light, fruity, and, for the most part, feminine. AYU’s Japanese heritage comes into play with scents like White Tea, Cherry Blossom, and Japanese Yuzu.

The Champagne Brunch scent is fruity, with hints of peaches, strawberries, and of course, notes of sweet champagne (or even moscato). We could see this scent gracing a bridal shower or another all-female occasion, while also being popular within subsets of the younger population - young ladies in their teens and 20’s. All-in-all, it was enjoyable in small amounts, but ultimately a little too sweet and fruity for our palates.

The first burn was on point. The subsequent burns were also good, yielding a nice and even burn, without tunneling. The wooden wick must be trimmed like any other candle wick, and, though the wooden wick is a nice touch, we found it slightly distracting. Perhaps we are an office of worriers, but when we first heard the wick crackling, we were worried that we had started a fire! We also noticed some soot gathering in the wax, which we suspect is due to the burning of the wooden wick.

At $36 for the 8 oz. size, this is an easy candle line to try if you’re curious!

You can purchase your own candle here. Dimensions: 3-1/8"Dia. x 3-3/8"H, 8 oz.


KEAP - Hero Image

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This week’s review features Keap’s Wave candle. We enjoy the fresh and cool branding of this candle line, in particular, its contemporary and symbolic logo. The Wave candle evokes a happy summer day, reminiscent of open shores and bright skies. Its very distinctive, clean linen scent mixes with the smell of the outdoors. Its six primary aromas comprise of sea salt, galbanum, seaweed, star anise, clone, and cyclamen.

Our experience starts with the packaging. We love attention to detail, and so did the designers behind this candle. The Wave comes bundled with a set of matches and a small booklet containing information about Keap. The candle’s lid completes the experience as it also serves as a small coaster to hold neatly the candle’s outer glass vessel. The vessel also includes Wave’s symbolic, monochromatic logotype.

The Wave offered an exceptional first impression; however, the experience changed when we lit the candle. It snuffed itself out constantly due to the fact that the wick burned down quicker than the wax could evaporate. In an attempt to solve this issue, we trimmed the wick and lit it again only to run into the same issue. A candle’s first burn is most crucial – setting the boundaries for the melt pool. Because the melt pool never reached the perimeter of the vessel, the wax caved in and the wick blew out.

As we surrendered to the snuff and took the candle off the table, we found the packaging difficult to reopen. Initially thinking that the box was a perfect square, we found that it was actually thicker on one side. This small difference only allowed one to way to open and put away the candle. So be careful – if you cap it on the wrong side you may need help opening it again!

This candle line was created by two founders who set out to create accessible ($35), uniquely scented, and environmentally friendly candles. They certainly have creative and thoughtful branding, and, while the scent of the candle is very pleasant, the self-snuffing element and hard-to-open box were details we couldn’t overlook.

You can purchase your own candle here. Dimensions: 3"Dia. x 3-3/8"H, 7.4 oz.


no155 HERO IMAGE cropped.jpg

This week, we are enjoying a candle called No. 155 New York, from the White Company. A friend of ours visited the new White Company store in New York shortly after it opened, and was thoughtful enough to bring us back one of their exclusive location candles! This deliciously scented introduction to The White Company will certainly have us seeking out this store the next time we are in London!

The packaging of this candle has a classic feel, and the box itself looks like the New York flagship store. The vessel is a kind of mirrored silver glass, with a nice thick glass bottom (about 1”). The label is very simple and elegant - sparse almost. The candle is a little larger than our typical candle, and thus has 2 wicks. The scent is The White Company’s translation of what 5th Ave is to them. It’s warm, sophisticated, and has become one of our favorites. A rich, flowery, smoky scent - it’s pretty divine, and quite intoxicating. The highlighted ingredients are Cinnamon, Tonka Bean, Oud and Coffee Beans. Though I have neither smelled nor consumed Tonka Bean before, it must be the star of this candle. The FDA has banned Tonka Bean because it has a chemical compound, coumarin, that has been banned since 1954 in the USA. Some people liken the scent of the Tonka Bean to the smell of Opium.   

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The first burn went well enough, and the next couple of burns left a lopsided wax footprint. The double wick can be tricky when it comes to an even burn, but after about half way through the candle, the wax was burning evenly and cleanly down the sides of the vessel. The scent is quite sticky, which is lucky for us, because we can’t seem to get enough of it! At $56 for the 9.8 oz. candle or $48 for the pack of 2 votives, this candle would make a nice gift for a friend, hostess, or for yourself.

You can purchase your own candle here. Dimensions: 4"H x 3.5" Dia.



This week, we are reviewing Terre Noire, or “Black Earth”, by Mad et Len. We first encountered the line at Gump’s in San Francisco, and were drawn to it because of its unique container - a hand forged iron vessel and lid. The craftsmanship and “hand feel” easily stood out amongst the more “normal” glass and ceramic vessels, and opening the lid and experiencing the scents was sheer luxury. The Terre Noire is earthy, sensual, and smells like what we imagine a French Château on a crisp fall evening to smell like.

The husband and wife team behind Mad et Len, Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut, were tired of their city life, and wanted to make something with their hands. They bought a place near Grasse, France, the fragrance capital of the world, to be close to the artisans who would play a role in developing their candle line. The name Mad et Len is a play on Proust’s madeleines. Genius. Fragrance is a strong trigger for memories, and the name captures all of that and then some.

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The candle itself has a strong fragrance - you can tell they use a lot of essential oils. The fragrance is what we call, “sticky”, lingering long after the candle is blown out. The top of the scent is very perfumey, and the last scent is bright, like citrus. Our first burn for three hours was great; the wax burned evenly to the side of the vessel. But as the wax cooled, it looked kind of gnarled. The following two times we burned it, the wax continued to dry in a gnarled fashion. We’re not really sure why this happened, but we will stick a pin in it for another time. Then, as the candle was burned about half-way down, the wax began to cool smoothly, as we would have expected. The wick remained close to center.

The cost of this candle is another thing. At $110 a pop, this is probably not your everyday candle. It would make a good special occasion gift, or a nice splurge for yourself. We purchased ours locally at The Human Condition, where they also carry the rock potpourris and larger size candles.