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This week’s review features Keap’s Wave candle. We enjoy the fresh and cool branding of this candle line, in particular, its contemporary and symbolic logo. The Wave candle evokes a happy summer day, reminiscent of open shores and bright skies. Its very distinctive, clean linen scent mixes with the smell of the outdoors. Its six primary aromas comprise of sea salt, galbanum, seaweed, star anise, clone, and cyclamen.

Our experience starts with the packaging. We love attention to detail, and so did the designers behind this candle. The Wave comes bundled with a set of matches and a small booklet containing information about Keap. The candle’s lid completes the experience as it also serves as a small coaster to hold neatly the candle’s outer glass vessel. The vessel also includes Wave’s symbolic, monochromatic logotype.

The Wave offered an exceptional first impression; however, the experience changed when we lit the candle. It snuffed itself out constantly due to the fact that the wick burned down quicker than the wax could evaporate. In an attempt to solve this issue, we trimmed the wick and lit it again only to run into the same issue. A candle’s first burn is most crucial – setting the boundaries for the melt pool. Because the melt pool never reached the perimeter of the vessel, the wax caved in and the wick blew out.

As we surrendered to the snuff and took the candle off the table, we found the packaging difficult to reopen. Initially thinking that the box was a perfect square, we found that it was actually thicker on one side. This small difference only allowed one to way to open and put away the candle. So be careful – if you cap it on the wrong side you may need help opening it again!

This candle line was created by two founders who set out to create accessible ($35), uniquely scented, and environmentally friendly candles. They certainly have creative and thoughtful branding, and, while the scent of the candle is very pleasant, the self-snuffing element and hard-to-open box were details we couldn’t overlook.

You can purchase your own candle here. Dimensions: 3"Dia. x 3-3/8"H, 7.4 oz.